Category E1 Deck 8

Need 8060

Cabin 8061 (thanks, brazilgirl)

Cabin 8064

Cabin 8065 Thank you Joyous

Need 8066

Need 8067

I have no direct knowledge of 8060-1. I was in 8066 on my very first Crystal cruise, but have no photographs. These cabins are behind lifeboats. They should be fairly similar to 8103 (behind a tender) but my recollection is that the lifeboat in front of 8066-7 (and I think 8061-2) covered more of the window than the tender in 8103.

Cabin 8074

Need 8075

8075 should be similar to 8074.

Cabin 8078

Cabin 8079- Thanks Travel2Learn

Cabin 8086

Need 8087,8090,8091

8090 and 8091 should be similar to 8103.

Cabin 8098

Need 8099

Cabin 8102(thanks jayajeff)

Cabin 8103 (Thanks mpetropo

Cabin 8110(Thanks, calliopecruiser)

Cabin 8111 (Thanks bodogbodog


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