P&O Australia

These photos were taken on the Statendam (future Pacific Aria), the Pacific Eden should be similar. I am including most of the cabins from the front to the first set of doors, and from the midship doors to the stern. I took 3 views from the Lower Promenade deck immediately in front of the cabin window, one looking somewhat forward, one directly out, and one somewhat aft My camera angle is not as scientific and consistent as it might be, but should still give a reasonable idea of what to expect. I have included some cabins that are not limited view, in part because they are often not terribly different from some of the better limited view cabins, and in part to give an idea of what the view should be. The codes in the caption after the cabin number are mostly the category:

OV: Category OV–Described as fully obstructed views
OI: Category OI–Have the “obstructed” icon in each cabin.
OH: Catagory OH cabins not listed as limited vieew
OC: Category OC cabins not listed as limited view.

The forwardmost cabins:

Cabin 300-HH

Cabin 6002-OV

Cabin 6003-OV

Cabin 6006-OV

Cabin 6007-OI

Cabin 6010-OV

Cabin 6011-OV

Cabin 6014-OI

Cabin 6015-OI

Cabin 6018-OI

Cabin 6019-OI

Cabin 6022-OI

Cabin 6023-OI

Cabin 6026-OI

Cabin 6027-OI

Cabin 6030-OI

Cabin 6031-OI

Cabin 6034-OI

Cabin 6035-OI

Cabin 6038-OK(OC)

Cabin 6039-OK(OC)

Cabins between the midship and aft stairs. I am showing all but only the middle 4 are classified as obstructed.

Cabin 6130-OK(OC)

Cabin 6131-OK(OC)

Cabin 6134-OK(OC)

Cabin 6135-OK(OC)

Cabin 6138-OK(OC)

Cabin 6139-OK(OC)

Cabin 6142-OK(OC)

Cabin 6143-OK(OC)

Cabin 6146-OI

Cabin 6147-OI

Cabin 6150-OI

Cabin 6151-OI

Cabin 6154-OI

Cabin 6155-OI

Cabin 6158-OI

Cabin 6159-OI

Cabin 6162-OK(OC)

Cabin 6163-OK(OC)

Cabin 6166-OK(OC)

Cabin 6167-OK(OC)

Cabin 6170-OK(OC)

Cabin 6171-OK(OC)

Cabin 6174-OK(OC)

Cabin 6175-OK(OC)

Cabins behind the aft stairs. All of the cabins are Category OH or OI.

Cabin 6182-OK(OH)

Cabin 6183-OK(OH)

Cabin 6186-OK(OH)

Cabin 6187-OK(OH)

Cabin 6190-OI

Cabin 6191-OI

Cabin 6194-OI

Cabin 6195-OI

Cabin 6198-OI

Cabin 6199-OI

Cabin 6202-OI

Cabin 6203-OI

Cabin 6206-OI

Cabin 6207-OI

Cabin 6210-OI

Cabin 6211-OI

Cabin 6214-OI

Cabin 6215-OI

Cabin 6218-OI

Cabin 6219-OI

These ships do not have traditional Aft Cabins. The lower deck, however, does have 4 cabins with windows looking past the walking space to the ship’s aft. While these are not listed as limited view cabins I thought there might be some interest in the view from these cabins.

Cabin 6226-OK(OH)

Cabin 6227-OK(OH)

Cabin 6230-OK(OH)

Cabin 6231-OK(OH)


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