These photos were taken on the Amsterdam, the Volendam should be similar. In this group of cabins the Zaandam and Volendam are identical (although Volendam is getting Lanai cabins between the forward and midship doors) I am including most of the cabins from the front to the first set of doors, and from the midship doors to the stern. I took 2 views from the Lower Promenade deck immediately in front of the cabin window, one looking somewhat forward, and one somewhat aft. If I had it to do again, I would have added a 3rd looking straight ahead, but if you look at where the 2 views are joined you’ll get a reasonable idea of what’s in front of you. My camera angle is not as scientific and consistent as it might be, but should still give a reasonable idea of what to expect. I have included some cabins that are not limited view, in part because they are often not terribly different from some of the better limited view cabins, and in part to give an idea of what the view should be. The codes in the caption after the cabin number are mostly the category:

HH: Category HH–Described as fully obstructed views
H: Category H–Described as partial sea views
D: Category D with a triangle on the deck plan indicating partial view
EE: Category EE with a triangle on the deck plan indicating partial view
OK: Category D, E, or EE cabins not listed as limited view.

The forwardmost cabins. Cabins 3320 and 3319 are category EE

Cabin 3300-HH

Cabin 3300-HH

Cabin 3301-HH

Cabin 3302-H

Cabin 3303-H

Cabin 3304-H

Cabin 3305-H

Cabin 3306-H

Cabin 3307-H

Cabin 3310-H

Cabin 3309-H

Cabin 3312-H

Cabin 3311-H

Cabin 3314-HH

Cabin 3313-HH

Cabin 3316-HH

Cabin 3315-HH

Cabin 3318-H

Cabin 3317-H

Cabin 3320-OK

Cabin 3319-OK

Cabins between the midship and aft stairs. Cabins 3365-and 3370 are category D, 3388,87,90, and 92 are category E, and Cabins 3389 and 3394 are category EE.

Cabin 3370-OK

Cabin 3365-OK

Cabin 3372-H

Cabin 3367-H

Cabin 3374-H

Cabin 3369-H

Cabin 3376-H

Cabin 3371-H

Cabin 3378-H

Cabin 3373-H

Cabin 3380-H

Cabin 3375-H

Cabin 3382-HH

Cabin 3377-HH

Cabin 3384-HH

Cabin 3379-HH

Cabin 3386-HH

Cabin 3381-HH

Cabin 3388-H

Cabin 3383-H

Cabin 3390-OK

Cabin 3385-OK

Cabin 3392-OK

Cabin 3387-OK

Cabin 3394-OK

Cabin 3389-OK

Cabins behind the aft stairs. All of the cabins marked OK are category EE.

Cabin 3396-H

Cabin 3391-H

Cabin 3398-H

Cabin 3393-H

Cabin 3398-HH

Cabin 3399-HH

Cabin 3400-HH

Cabin 3403-HH

Cabin 3404-H

Cabin 3405-H

Cabin 3408-OK

Cabin 3407-OK

Cabin 3410-OK

Cabin 3411-OK

Cabin 3412-OK

Cabin 3415-OK

Cabin 3416-H

Cabin 3417-H

Cabin 3420-HH

Cabin 3419-HH

Cabin 3422-HH

Cabin 3423-HH

Cabin 3424-HH

Cabin 3427-HH

Cabin 3426-H

Cabin 3429-H

Cabin 3428-HH

Cabin 3433-HH


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  1. Jim says:

    Photos are helpful. Thanks!

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